Whew, what a LONG break!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Okay, so it's been a very long time since I have blogged. My life has been good, but I am in a slump- a down slump. :(

First thing, what posses people to randomly and out of the blue be mean to you? I guess this is when I should ditch my whole plan of trying to explain, stick up for myself and decide they have serious issues. Instead, I will just say that karma will come around and bite them :)

Lately I have really enjoyed being a hermit and trying to recoup my housekeeping skills :).  I have gotten on this FlyLady kick for several months now and have decluttered a lot! It does make me feel loads better giving awa things I don't need/want and having a cleaner home. I do think that in her program she gives too much.  I guess some peopl who have 'clean' homes throw away or get rid of all these things everyday and have the mentality that when/if they do need it, they will just buy one.  Well- on a budget that just doesn't work. SO giving away everything isn't my stle, but I love the rest of the system!

OKAY, THE BIG NEWS.  I am walking into a newlife changing chapter of my life! It is starting with a new doctor! I go tomorrow to go through a nutrion response test, which looks strange but I think it will work. I am hoping to pin point trigger foods for my belly issues, help my shoulder pain, my mood and loose a few pounds in my process. I will keep posting my progress :)

Well, more posting more often :)


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