Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Normally when it is snowing just a little at a time, I don't get excited and frankly don't really care. BUT when it snows in big chunks and is covering every inch of exposed earth- it is magnificent! I won't post all the pictures I took, because I am sure everyone has seen it snow, but it is so rare here where I live. I love how the snow is layered on each little branch, on each leaf, one the patio chair arms, on well everything! I love that you can see the wind patterns as the snow falls and watching is move slower than rain, makes me think the day is going by slowly.

I have a fire in our little wood burning stove, and I have started a fire in the living room. Hopefully we will stay nice and toasty! And when Little Bug wakes from her morning nap (which is the first in a week or so) then we will bundle up and go play in the snow!!! I can't wait to take video of this for her to watch next winter! :)

Off to make something warm for lunch, seeing as we will need something to warm us up after our fun in the snow! :)

Still struggling...

Friday, February 19, 2010

(This is my counter after a trip to the store. You should see the fridge!)

Today was another weekly visit to my wellness doctor and it turned out to be as interesting as the others :). My scars are still blocking her readings apparently and so at the end of my visit I had to do some laser therapy.
My food week was not so great, and I think it caused me to digress a little. Saturday I broke down and had an 8 oz Margarita at Pluckers. Which; by the way, they have some great naked wings and sweet potato fries (have to ask for them to not be tossed in sugar). Sunday I plain skipped breakfast and dinner, and Wednesday I had some awesome homemade sourdough bread and the top of a lemon square. Which all means that there was some highlighting going on in my food chart this week!! I go back and forth on if this is something I really want to stick with because it is really really hard for me to refrain from all these foods, and if I am just making it harder than it really is.
I guess it doesn't help that during my emotional time (monthly cycle that was late 11 days) I made cookies. I froze a tone of chocolate chip cookie dough balls "for my husband" and I have been sneaking them and I feel so guilty! It's not even worth it, but it feels so good at the time!! This has made me realize I really and truly have a food addiction!!!
On to better things!!! My menu for this week (and hoping I stick to it) is:

Tonight: was bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with sweet potato and brocolinni.
Saturday: hamburgers- with sprouted bread (never got to this last week)
Sunday: venison steaks broiled with roasted potatoes and salads and citrus fish with brocolinni
Monday: lunch is little salad shrimp and tacos for Mack Daddy and stuffed bell peppers w/beets
Tuesday: Stuffed Chicken (again didn't get to this last week)
Wednesday: Roasted Pork Loin with squash and onion
Thursday: Beer braised sausages with warm potato salad

I hope that this week goes better, and that the cookie dough will stop calling my name from across the house and through the freezer door!! I SO miss sweet foods!!!!

Also wanted to add that I found the most intersting waters today in my trip to the store! It is called MetroMint and I really only looked at it because HEB had one of their yellow coupons hanging down for $1 off 2. I chose ChocolateMint and it is quite good. It smells like a chocolate candy bar, tastes like water, and has this AMAZING aftertaste of a Girl Scout's Thin Mint cookie!! Such a cool thing to sip on when I am feeling the need!!
Well- happy eating!

Out of the Box!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Today was my third visit to my wellness doctor! I was a bit nervous because I have to keep an exact food diary of everything I have eaten!! EVERYTHING! :) So- she highlighted my one piece of chocolate and mt gulp of sweet tea. I don't like that highlighter- BUT I didn't do as bad as I thought. She added two more supplements to help draw out the metal i have in my system, yay.

This past week was hard because I was stuck in the I CAN'T HAVE IT box of thought. Then, after I sat down to plan out my menus for the week, I realized that everything will be okay. :) I am SO thankful that I have been making out menus each week for the past 6 months or so, or this would be even harder!! My brief version of my menu till next friday (changing my shopping day from Wed to Fri):
Fri-Garlic Ginger Chicken Kabobs (zucchini, mush onion and chkn) with cabbage salad
Sat- Faux Spaghetti, with spaghetti squash, beef and homemade tom sauce (so it's sugar free)
Sun- Salmon with twice baked loaded potatoes (without cheese and saving the scooped skins to make snacks out of)
Mon- Rosemary/Lemon kabobs with pineapple (i just wont eat it)
Tues- Pork Loin(with soy, lime, pepper and garlic) and asparagus
Wed- Stuffed chicken (silken tofu, mushroom, pepper, garlic, lemon stuffed and wrapped in bacon) and brocollini (and rice for matt)

Thursday- "hamburgers" with Sprouted bread (or maybe i can find something at the health food store that is wheat/dairy/surgar/corn free) and Sweet potato fries

This week's appointment ruled out rice! Not that I had an last week, but I was hoping for some rice made penne pasta I found at the health food store!! She also mentioned that when I have my sugar craving- to eat a low sugar fruit (since all fruits are off limits) like strawberry, blackberry or blueberry. So I got a frozen bag just to have in case :)

Also, I never realized how much diary I really ate (besides ice cream :D)! I miss cheese on breakfast items, sour cream with certain dinners, cream cheese in some recipes, chocolate milk, and yogurt for dipping sauces.

Today I found some sugar free, dairy free and wheat free blue cheese flavored dressing, it didn't have anything corn related in it either!! I grabbed it up and didn't even look at the price tag!

Well, enough for now- other than I don't really feel all that different yet, because I am supposed to be on my cycle right now. That was a whole story in itself, but I am three days late and have no idea what's going on. Only time will tell on this one I guess :)

Happy eating :)

NRT Results are in...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Okay, first I must say that I was a bit nervous to know how my tests came out and then nervous about the foods test!! When going into the office we went over all the payment issues, problems and the overall plan. 6 weeks every week- like a detox, 12 week maintenance which is every other week and then every month and then every 6 months and then once a year. I then SIGNED THE CONTRACT saying I would do her recommendations s closely as possible and stick with it long enought ot get maximum results! EEK!

The results were amazing! With my physical fitness and BMI and nervous system tests- I was 70 years old!!! OMG- I am only 27 really- i promise!! My parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems aren't really cooperating with each other and are "locked" into place. This is the best way to describe it! My BMI should be 28-30% and I am only at 33.8%, so I am not so so bad there:). With the active reflex test, the results were: Weak muscles due to a food stressor, blocked by scars, switched by immune and metal stressor, and liver and kidney/adrenal.

The blocked by scars means that my body wont accept change at all because of some reaction by body does with my scars. I think this is a little strange, but I know she gets results :). We tested every little scar and now to unblock them, I rub Wheat Germ Oil on my arm, tattoo, one IV scar and my apesiatomy (spelling?) twice a day. I am also taking Mulitzyne at breakfast and dinner and next week will start pulling the metal out with Chalacol II and Paratid Pmq.

Okay- so then came the food test. I can't have wheat, which includes anything with any flour, and no grains like millet, rye spelt, etc.! I can't have corn, which is corn flour, popcorn, corn syrup- anything corn. No dairy, but eggs are okay. And no sugar.
Dairy wont be an issue for me, because I don't eat anything but maybe a little cheese hear and there. The wheat, grains and sugar are SO hard for me!!! I can have Ezekiel bread- because it is sprouted- live- like the plant not the grain. So that's good- now I am just researching how to make it so I don't have to buy it at $5 a loaf in the freezer section!

Everyday I have to keep a food diary and list everything I eat or drink. This isn't too hard except it really keeps you monitoring what your eating; I tend to eat without thinking!

Well, this has only been a couple days, but I am having a really hard time with the sugar!! I want my daily Dr. Pepper, I want some chocolate, and I want some cookies!!! I can't even have salad dressing!!! humph....

Sorry if this is boring some of you, but I want a place to share my experience each week :)

Below is what I had for lunch- I made a dressing with vinegar, oil, basil and a tiny plop of miracle whip lite to thicken it up. yum.

Whew, what a LONG break!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Okay, so it's been a very long time since I have blogged. My life has been good, but I am in a slump- a down slump. :(

First thing, what posses people to randomly and out of the blue be mean to you? I guess this is when I should ditch my whole plan of trying to explain, stick up for myself and decide they have serious issues. Instead, I will just say that karma will come around and bite them :)

Lately I have really enjoyed being a hermit and trying to recoup my housekeeping skills :).  I have gotten on this FlyLady kick for several months now and have decluttered a lot! It does make me feel loads better giving awa things I don't need/want and having a cleaner home. I do think that in her program she gives too much.  I guess some peopl who have 'clean' homes throw away or get rid of all these things everyday and have the mentality that when/if they do need it, they will just buy one.  Well- on a budget that just doesn't work. SO giving away everything isn't my stle, but I love the rest of the system!

OKAY, THE BIG NEWS.  I am walking into a newlife changing chapter of my life! It is starting with a new doctor! I go tomorrow to go through a nutrion response test, which looks strange but I think it will work. I am hoping to pin point trigger foods for my belly issues, help my shoulder pain, my mood and loose a few pounds in my process. I will keep posting my progress :)

Well, more posting more often :)

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