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Friday, February 19, 2010

(This is my counter after a trip to the store. You should see the fridge!)

Today was another weekly visit to my wellness doctor and it turned out to be as interesting as the others :). My scars are still blocking her readings apparently and so at the end of my visit I had to do some laser therapy.
My food week was not so great, and I think it caused me to digress a little. Saturday I broke down and had an 8 oz Margarita at Pluckers. Which; by the way, they have some great naked wings and sweet potato fries (have to ask for them to not be tossed in sugar). Sunday I plain skipped breakfast and dinner, and Wednesday I had some awesome homemade sourdough bread and the top of a lemon square. Which all means that there was some highlighting going on in my food chart this week!! I go back and forth on if this is something I really want to stick with because it is really really hard for me to refrain from all these foods, and if I am just making it harder than it really is.
I guess it doesn't help that during my emotional time (monthly cycle that was late 11 days) I made cookies. I froze a tone of chocolate chip cookie dough balls "for my husband" and I have been sneaking them and I feel so guilty! It's not even worth it, but it feels so good at the time!! This has made me realize I really and truly have a food addiction!!!
On to better things!!! My menu for this week (and hoping I stick to it) is:

Tonight: was bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with sweet potato and brocolinni.
Saturday: hamburgers- with sprouted bread (never got to this last week)
Sunday: venison steaks broiled with roasted potatoes and salads and citrus fish with brocolinni
Monday: lunch is little salad shrimp and tacos for Mack Daddy and stuffed bell peppers w/beets
Tuesday: Stuffed Chicken (again didn't get to this last week)
Wednesday: Roasted Pork Loin with squash and onion
Thursday: Beer braised sausages with warm potato salad

I hope that this week goes better, and that the cookie dough will stop calling my name from across the house and through the freezer door!! I SO miss sweet foods!!!!

Also wanted to add that I found the most intersting waters today in my trip to the store! It is called MetroMint and I really only looked at it because HEB had one of their yellow coupons hanging down for $1 off 2. I chose ChocolateMint and it is quite good. It smells like a chocolate candy bar, tastes like water, and has this AMAZING aftertaste of a Girl Scout's Thin Mint cookie!! Such a cool thing to sip on when I am feeling the need!!
Well- happy eating!


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