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Friday, February 12, 2010

Today was my third visit to my wellness doctor! I was a bit nervous because I have to keep an exact food diary of everything I have eaten!! EVERYTHING! :) So- she highlighted my one piece of chocolate and mt gulp of sweet tea. I don't like that highlighter- BUT I didn't do as bad as I thought. She added two more supplements to help draw out the metal i have in my system, yay.

This past week was hard because I was stuck in the I CAN'T HAVE IT box of thought. Then, after I sat down to plan out my menus for the week, I realized that everything will be okay. :) I am SO thankful that I have been making out menus each week for the past 6 months or so, or this would be even harder!! My brief version of my menu till next friday (changing my shopping day from Wed to Fri):
Fri-Garlic Ginger Chicken Kabobs (zucchini, mush onion and chkn) with cabbage salad
Sat- Faux Spaghetti, with spaghetti squash, beef and homemade tom sauce (so it's sugar free)
Sun- Salmon with twice baked loaded potatoes (without cheese and saving the scooped skins to make snacks out of)
Mon- Rosemary/Lemon kabobs with pineapple (i just wont eat it)
Tues- Pork Loin(with soy, lime, pepper and garlic) and asparagus
Wed- Stuffed chicken (silken tofu, mushroom, pepper, garlic, lemon stuffed and wrapped in bacon) and brocollini (and rice for matt)

Thursday- "hamburgers" with Sprouted bread (or maybe i can find something at the health food store that is wheat/dairy/surgar/corn free) and Sweet potato fries

This week's appointment ruled out rice! Not that I had an last week, but I was hoping for some rice made penne pasta I found at the health food store!! She also mentioned that when I have my sugar craving- to eat a low sugar fruit (since all fruits are off limits) like strawberry, blackberry or blueberry. So I got a frozen bag just to have in case :)

Also, I never realized how much diary I really ate (besides ice cream :D)! I miss cheese on breakfast items, sour cream with certain dinners, cream cheese in some recipes, chocolate milk, and yogurt for dipping sauces.

Today I found some sugar free, dairy free and wheat free blue cheese flavored dressing, it didn't have anything corn related in it either!! I grabbed it up and didn't even look at the price tag!

Well, enough for now- other than I don't really feel all that different yet, because I am supposed to be on my cycle right now. That was a whole story in itself, but I am three days late and have no idea what's going on. Only time will tell on this one I guess :)

Happy eating :)


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