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Monday, July 27, 2009

I see these mom bloggers who have been SO successful in their blogs and have been doing it for years, like Classy Mommy and 5 Minutes for Mom.  I wonder how they started and how they got there?  With thousands more mom bloggers this year than there were several years ago, can you actually be so successful that companies find you? I find that simply amazing!
It could only be a fantasy here, being able to write everyday, review products, live a life in person with my family and online (my addiction), but three things will always prevent me.  Time, money and distraction :).

Time because well- blogging does take time and I have a fairly large home to keep, coupons to clip and time to spend with my family :).  Money because surely it takes some money to start up if you are serious and get big.  Search engine sites, products to actually buy, new computers and softwares, technical support guys…the list can rack up.  We are struggling just to keep our happy bellies as it is.  And distractions… I am such a wierdo! I get so distracted on the computer! I sit down to do one thing that should take me 5 min, but then I end up sitting on the computer during the whole nap time and nothing got done!  I know if I was blogging a lot- well I would never get my rump out from in front of this screen!! :)

I say congrats to those moms who put so much efforts into their blogs, and I give them applause!!  You go Mommies!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this positive post and shout out. Blogging is hard work but a ton of fun. For me it really originated as a hobby and continues to be something I do for fun and to keep me in touch with the "adult" & business world during my journey as a stay at home Mom. I wrote close to 300+ reviews of products before I ever got something to consider for review officially. So my advice is if you are serious about it and think it is something you will enjoy - covering and commenting on the latest cool products , stuff you see on the web or in stores, then give it a go and see what happens.

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