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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Okay, first I must say that I was a bit nervous to know how my tests came out and then nervous about the foods test!! When going into the office we went over all the payment issues, problems and the overall plan. 6 weeks every week- like a detox, 12 week maintenance which is every other week and then every month and then every 6 months and then once a year. I then SIGNED THE CONTRACT saying I would do her recommendations s closely as possible and stick with it long enought ot get maximum results! EEK!

The results were amazing! With my physical fitness and BMI and nervous system tests- I was 70 years old!!! OMG- I am only 27 really- i promise!! My parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems aren't really cooperating with each other and are "locked" into place. This is the best way to describe it! My BMI should be 28-30% and I am only at 33.8%, so I am not so so bad there:). With the active reflex test, the results were: Weak muscles due to a food stressor, blocked by scars, switched by immune and metal stressor, and liver and kidney/adrenal.

The blocked by scars means that my body wont accept change at all because of some reaction by body does with my scars. I think this is a little strange, but I know she gets results :). We tested every little scar and now to unblock them, I rub Wheat Germ Oil on my arm, tattoo, one IV scar and my apesiatomy (spelling?) twice a day. I am also taking Mulitzyne at breakfast and dinner and next week will start pulling the metal out with Chalacol II and Paratid Pmq.

Okay- so then came the food test. I can't have wheat, which includes anything with any flour, and no grains like millet, rye spelt, etc.! I can't have corn, which is corn flour, popcorn, corn syrup- anything corn. No dairy, but eggs are okay. And no sugar.
Dairy wont be an issue for me, because I don't eat anything but maybe a little cheese hear and there. The wheat, grains and sugar are SO hard for me!!! I can have Ezekiel bread- because it is sprouted- live- like the plant not the grain. So that's good- now I am just researching how to make it so I don't have to buy it at $5 a loaf in the freezer section!

Everyday I have to keep a food diary and list everything I eat or drink. This isn't too hard except it really keeps you monitoring what your eating; I tend to eat without thinking!

Well, this has only been a couple days, but I am having a really hard time with the sugar!! I want my daily Dr. Pepper, I want some chocolate, and I want some cookies!!! I can't even have salad dressing!!! humph....

Sorry if this is boring some of you, but I want a place to share my experience each week :)

Below is what I had for lunch- I made a dressing with vinegar, oil, basil and a tiny plop of miracle whip lite to thicken it up. yum.


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