Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Normally when it is snowing just a little at a time, I don't get excited and frankly don't really care. BUT when it snows in big chunks and is covering every inch of exposed earth- it is magnificent! I won't post all the pictures I took, because I am sure everyone has seen it snow, but it is so rare here where I live. I love how the snow is layered on each little branch, on each leaf, one the patio chair arms, on well everything! I love that you can see the wind patterns as the snow falls and watching is move slower than rain, makes me think the day is going by slowly.

I have a fire in our little wood burning stove, and I have started a fire in the living room. Hopefully we will stay nice and toasty! And when Little Bug wakes from her morning nap (which is the first in a week or so) then we will bundle up and go play in the snow!!! I can't wait to take video of this for her to watch next winter! :)

Off to make something warm for lunch, seeing as we will need something to warm us up after our fun in the snow! :)


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