Workin on the birthday stuff!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well, little bug is turning one soon :) So I am trying to work on some stuff for her birthday :) We shopped a BOGO Fisher Price Sale at TRU earlier in the year and got birthday and Christmas presents :) So she has a ride on Noah's ark thing, a Sesame St. phone thing (that someone gave her for Christmas that was a little too much for her, so I saved it), and I know her grandparents are getting her a push stroller thingy. :)

I am not a HUGE fan of plastic toys- but we do have several. I also do toy rotations, so some toys get put away for a week or more...

I am the greenest in our family I think, although my mother is getting very Eco-friendly and has started recycling :) Anyway- so we are having it at her house (she has a GREAT yard in the country), using real plates and real glasses and I made this cool banner...I just need to stitch it together.
How cool that she can use this every year for her birthday as decoration?

AND yes- that is a tanning bed- it belongs to Mack Daddy! He got it years ago, and it now just take up room in my craft room :). Hey- good work space I guess- ooh and a place to hide junk inside :)

I also sent these little invitations (I whited out the info), and I made envelopes from old envelopes turned inside out and folded to fit. :)
Amazing what you can do with card stock and some crayola markers :)

Again, here's my test run cake! I found some sprinkles on clearance at Walmart, big circle ones, and I think once the icing is tented and the sprinkles are on- it will look much more festive!

Below are pictures of the little tags (from a paper bag), and the goodie bags I whipped up for the guests! Four boys, three girls, one for each of our parents, and the eight pink ones for the adults (1 per couple). I am filling them with goodies from etsy! I'll make a goodie bag post once I get them all ready with all the yummy details inside!!

I am having so much fun! I really wanted this party thing to be a low-key deal, yet at the same time making it special for me and the grandparents! I have been SO horrible at making and keeping friends- she doesn't really have... well any one year old friends coming to the party!
Just will be family and a couple really close friends.

Well- I have about a week left until her party- she won't know it's not on the DAY right? We are doing it on a Saturday.

I'll make a post about the goodie bags -- keep an eye out!


The Burgess Family said...

Your test run cake is rocking!!!

Pink & Green Mama said...

I love that you made your own fabric goodie bags. You can always freecycle the tanning bed if you want more space in your art studio!!

Annie said...

Ooh- no freecycling the tannin bed here- Mack Daddy still uses it in the winter time :) lol- he's such an outdoors guy he needs the UV or whatever it does for him in the winter :)

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