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Monday, May 4, 2009

Today was one of those fast days. I made a pizza this morning for brunch and then started looking for recipes for my cake :).

Little bug's first birthday is coming up and I wanted to make a cake-but a little bit of a healthier one. I just think that one is NOT the magic age!! Why should all the sudden we shove sugar in their face? SO- I have lots of peaches stored up in my freezer and wanted to use that in a cake. Lo and behold lots of people have already had a peach spice cake idea :).

The pan I used is a Wilton pan and is a big cupcake!! (they have large cupcakes that are smaller than this HUGE one too) It has a top and bottom section all on one solid tray- and is non-stick coated, which is great because it has lots of crevices. I mixed the batter - that turned out like brownie batter, and then added the non-sweetned peaches I had pulsed in the food processor. There was this neat little reaction very similar to when you make batters with buttermilk; a light and airy transformation!

The batter smelled delicious and it smelled even better coming out of the oven!! (Which I was so surprised because the only spice/flavor is peach and cinnamon.)

I made a simple cream cheese icing for the top and tried to airate it as much as possible in the mixer- but it can only get so 'fluffy'!! I don't think I have iced a cake in years, so I'm semi-happy with my icing job!

I am now on the hunt for a healthier version of the cream cheese/powdered sugar icing to go with the scrumptious cake that I will serve about a month from now :). And maybe a way to make giant sprinkles?

Now, I gotta find someone to help me eat this cake that keeps staring at me like a giant cupcake shrine :)

There are some cute pictures of people who used this pan to make some awesome creations here at Amazon.

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