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Monday, May 11, 2009

So- we got all packed up and started to head out of town before little bug's afternoon nap. As we were running to get out the door so fussy little one could rest, I decided I needed something to work on. So I ran quickly inside and grabbed a pair of denim shorts (from my large stash under the dresser for up cycling), needle and thread, scissors, and a bag of buttons threw them in a craft bag and ran back out the door. I was determined to make something and make my hour and a half car ride useful!
Mack Daddy started driving and we weren't even to the highway yet before I was already cutting up! It was a little challenging using my lap as a table, no pen to mark my lines first and no pins to hold pieces together- but somehow I managed to cut up a flower shape. After I cut it out, I realized that my attempted flower might end up looking more like a morphed creature...

I also forgot how much harder hand sewing is. Well, not so much harder just tedious! I managed to get it all sewn and one button eye stitched. I am planning on filling it with old wipey refill bags. I'll come back and post a pic in a couple days!

We managed to stop and shop a little at Whole Foods- I love it there- and we ate at a little diner. It was SO yummy and it gave little bug a chance to stretch her legs! She is a great travelor, but she can't last for a really long time without using her new skill- walking!

Mack Daddy took little bug swinmming for the first time this season- she was still getting used to the water in the pic below. Adter a while she did manage to feel comfortable splashing and letting her daddy twirl her around!

Below is little bug hanging out in her stroller during Mack Daddy's race! She was not so interested! :)


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