The view today is great :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Well I am sitting outside in an upcycled metal lounge chair with an old towel and pillow. The air is sweet smelling, like honeysuckle, and the air is perfect in the shade! Little bug is sound asleep with a late nap and the afternoonis just simply lovely!!

As I look up the beautiful little oak tree growing huge leaves, the birds are chirping away, they always seem to be most lively after a good rain!

It's hard sometimes to just sit back and enjoy the simplest things in life- like the rustling of the oak leaves as the wind passes them. Or the unique pattern of her bark.

On another note- my crazy nieces are visiting for the week because their schools closed down for the week! I know the swine flu is a horrible thing, but hundreds of folks die each year from the regular ole flu every year- with a vaccine!! But I guess I do see that the schools want to sanitize EVERYThING- and that takes a while. Plus- whens the last time you think ANYONE sanitized the playgrounds or school desks or the nooks in the hallways? :) at least they are doing that :)

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