Goji berries

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yum! We got some berries in the mail from redflowerltd.com. I wasn't sure what to expect but I've heard that they are the superfood of all superfoods and with a toddler an athlete of a husband and me who just all around is trying to make some lifestyle changes, I thought it would at least be a fun expierence.

This picture is little bug curious about the new goodies. She can't have them dried just yet- but it won't be long.

Well they came in a pretty big bag so I divided them into bags and used the nifty little battery operated suction wand. I hadn't really used it much, but it did a pretty good job.

Okay- back to the berries. They were tasty just out of the bag. They tatse similar to small raisens with a little bit of eathy taste. I did try the next day to rehydrate some in some water. The water left was super yummy with a tiny bit of sugar- like earthy sweet tea. In fact the berries that were hydrated tasted like a flavored tea. That's the best way to describe it :)

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