Update on the Life Change...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So I went crashing down food wise! I cannot tell you how hard it is to cut our all those things (wheat, corn and corn products, all grains including rice, milk or any milk product, sugar and fruits). I had also been having a hard time actually eating breakfast! Eating breakfast is very important and I know that it is, but trying to get everyone ready and frankly just getting out of bed is hard. My Dr did give me this great whole food protein shake that I can have with a little almond milk and/or a 1/4c blueberries or blackberries because they have the lowest sugar content in the fruit world. Today was my first try at the shake, and it was good. Wasn't nearly enough though! I can't wait to try it with a sort of take on our green smoothies we had last summer. (Picture is in April of 09) I have found that this mama, Sheri, is a great inspiration for green smoothies that kids will love!

I haven't filled in on my current issue. I was on my period for 32 days!!! I am pretty sure that it is my body's reaction to all this change and is trying to fix itself somehow, but it made me tired, crabby and emotional all the time!! I finally went to the Dr and it started our whole infertility issues up all over again! With this changing of my life and body, I am not ready to start messing with my hormones again. That's a whole different story that can wait for another day :).

We went a couple weeks ago, for Mack Daddy's birthday, to a Chinese buffet- and I splurged way too much! I still did not eat like I would have before all this began, but I had way too many sugars and breads and rice... and that is what started the whole downhill battle!

I think it is much like anything in life, once you cheat once, or change your routine it is just that much easier to keep doing the wrong thing. I have been trying and trying to reset my brain and body in the right direction and I am not having much success. I know there is something there blocking me and I don't know how to go about figuring out what it is. Most of my online bloggy buddies I know would tell me to do some meditation and really dig and soul search. How do you manage that with a toddler and stressed out hubs?

Well for the start, I can get off the addicting computer and out of the black hole of the Internet and go do some yard work. I wonder if it is possible to combine yard work and meditation- I think so :)

For now- embrace the upcoming warmer weather and we say goodbye and thank you to the cold spells :)


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