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Friday, March 5, 2010

Well, this week has been very rough!! My cycle was 13 days late and has been going on for two weeks!! This heavy expelling of my body parts (lol) has been very tiring and exhausting!! I also spent Monday and Tuesday feeling VERY BAD because I had strep- yay me! My eating habits were okay this week, but my biggest goal was not having a nice cold Dr. Pepper on my sore sore throat!! Pizza and Dr. Pepper are my sicky foods, and I sure did miss them! But with Mack Daddy's support, I was good and didn't cave in!

At the Dr's 'check up' today, my Mercury levels went down another vile, my body was weak from being sick, and my pills went up 10 fold! So all in all, the mercury detox is working, I have lost almost 10 lbs, and I am surviving without much sugar!
This below is what I will consume in pills this week (Friday to Friday)... isn't that lovely?

I do think I am starting to feel healthier, if that is possible to feel while recovering from being sick, and I feel like I have a bit more energy than before. I do see a little change in my face shape because of the little weight I have lost, which I think anytime I loose a little weight it shows in my face first. I am still missing foods and long for them often, but for now I will just keep fighting!

I do hope that this is just the beginning of my life change, but it is VERY hard to give up wheat, corn (including corn syrup and flours), all rice and grains, sugars (cane, brown and fruits) and dairy. I know these exclusions wont last forever, but 12-16 weeks is a long time and I think will change my views on how I eat them in general.

Little Bug is waking up now and so I say to you- Happy Eating!


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