The hats are falling...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another late night post :). There are so many things I have wanted to post about lately, but haven't made time to sqeeze in a post!

A couple years ago, my marriage underwent a separation. We have succeeded in getting over many hurtles, and I know now that we can survive anything. When we got back together and I decided to do my part in becoming 'better', I feel like I dusted off old hats and was trying to figure out how to balance them all at once. I was a terrible housekeeper, didn't keep the yard, wasn't a mother, good but not frequent cook , didn't take care of my body and was a horrible home decorator!  I have in the past two years become better at almost all of those things and have been wearing the tower of hats that most women/moms juggle well every day! I am a MUCH better housekeeper and maid (thanks FlyLady), I mow the yard and have started a garden this year, I have cooked most of our meals for at least a year, became a mother and love it, have been working on healing my body from within and have added more and more decor elements each month :).  I was very satisfied with my accomplishments until recently.

I am not sure if I am just feeling pressure to be even better, or if I am just feeling overwhelmed for some reason, but the hats are crashing!!  I have been trying to do some reflective thinking to see what set my tail spin off, but haven't come up with anything specific.  Why is it so hard to just pick everything up and start again?

Like Mack Daddy quoted: "What's hard aint ever easy" :)
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