WOO HOO!!! PopATot!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Okay- So today I recieved my PopATot from http://www.popatot.com/!

It is SUCH a cool product and I can't wait to use it at races, the lake, well just anywhere!!!

It came in a small box- and of course little bug had to help me open it! She just liked the umbrella :)
She's kinda used to the excersaucer where she can move around in a circle, so this will take a little time to get used too, but I know it will be SO handy where there is a crowd and she can't just walk around freely :).

Well- I cannot wait to use this for more than a few minutes!! (The UPS guy came right before naptime..) I think we are making it an excuse for a lake day!!

I will post about it again when we take it to a race- I am just so thrilled!!

Thank you PopATot for making such a great product!!


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