Big Bummer!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well, I have successfully stayed in the 158-160 rage for the past couple weeks, before all of this life changing steps, I was 185!

All that said, we have been doing some infertility treatments as well. My husband and I have trouble conceiving on our own and the first time we went through treatments, it went on for three years! This is our first month with a couple years off. I did HmG shots for 10 days and then an HcG shot to stimulate ovulation. We did and IUI on the 15th and I started my new cycle last Wednesday! The doctor was a little concerned because it was supposedly too early for a new cycle. This was an intense past few days, with mega cramping and rushes of tiredness and the emotions flowing through me like Niagara Falls! We went to our Dr. and have decided (well he did) that we will try again in June. So- I am on birth-control for one week while we wait on the meds to be shipped from Europe.

I never discussed any of this with my nutritionist, because she has already shared with me her concerns with playing hormones. BUT this is not something to do with my body- something to do with my husband's. (I am sure he would kill me if he knew I posted that or went further.) SO I really have no choice but to cooperate with my Dr. HOWEVER, if my nutritionist does test or find evidence of all this, then I will share it all with her!

Now since I am back on the topic of my weight and nutrition, I must say that I have totally been failing this last week! I went from having VERY MINIMAL sugar to having some red soda, m&ms and a small piece of cake with frozen yogurt! ACK!! I go in to see her in a few days and I just know she is going to BAWK at my food diary! I am not sure at this point how I am going to manage to get back on the bandwagon. With all my emotions I am feeling like I am going to have to start back at day one! I am now craving sugar more and more- like an alocholic who drank at almost 90 days sober!!!

Wish me luck in staying on my program - especially with the very minimal sugar! That is the hardest thing for me to do- for the most part when I am getting the hormone shots!

I think in conclusion I have learned that I AM in fact a sugar addict, I am an emotional eater and I need reminders to stay on task.


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